Testimonial And Typical Savings

"In our ever increasing need to keep up with technology, we needed an effective alternative to our sport’s clearance procedures that would be paperless, user friendly and easy for our parents to navigate. Right from the start, Athlete Check impressed me with their professional manner and great attention to detail - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results Rancho Mirage High School was looking for. We are very happy with their online parent access system, as well as their helpful, knowledgeable, friendly staff. In the event that problems and or concerns arise, we have received prompt responses and excellent customer service. I would highly recommend AthleticCheck to any school that is looking to save time, money, and increase the overall effectiveness of their Athletic program."

- Lisa, Athletic Program Administrator

Typical Savings

  • School location: Southern California
  • School Size: 4000-6000 Students
  • Number of Student athletes: 980

Before Athlete Check

  • Clearance Packet: 17 Pages
  • Paper Clearance Packet Processing time: 45min
  • Cost to school: 980 x 45 minutes x $12.89/hour = $10,307.14 / year

After Athlete Check

  • Software cost: $804 / year
  • Clearance Processing time: 7 minutes
  • Cost to school: (980 clearances x 7 minutes x $12.89/hour) + 804 = $2277.76 / year

Annual Savings

  • $8,029.38 in processing, supplies, and labor costs
  • 617 hours in Athletic Office processing time